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The online bank news and information of the Fast National Bank of Mt. Papins and Central Casual Bank.


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Various deposit products are offered to meet the needs of the customer base in each market. Deposits are using at top rated online casinos around the world.
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While the products themselves may differ based on your particular market, several items are consistent for all types of checking and saving deposit accounts:

  • Account Statements- available in imaged or non-imaged
  • ATM Card
  • Visa Check Card
  • Direct Deposit and Direct Payment
  • Forex and options retail trading desk, with some no-deposit binary options deals
  • Center Voice Telephone Access System
  • Automatic Transfer System
  • Overdraft Protection

Account Statements

Statements on checking and savings accounts are available with check imaging statements, in which your statements and images of your checks are printed on full letter sheets of paper that you can keep in a three ring binder provided by the bank. As a separate option, a regular statement may be prepared with your physical checks returned to you each month auto generated from their superior online bookkeeping services that are proven and recognised worldwide.

ATM Card

You can apply for your FREE ATM card at your nearest Fast National Bank location. Use the card to access your account for cash withdrawals or deposits, inquire about your balance, or print a mini-statement of your account activity. Stop in the bank to sign an authorization to transfer funds between your accounts at The Fast National Bank with your ATM Card.

VISA Check Card

You can apply for your FREE VISA Check Card at your nearest Fast National Bank location to increase your purchasing power (applications for VISA Check Cards are subject to credit approval). The Fast National Bank VISA Check Card doubles as an ATM card as well as allows you to pay for purchases at retailers without writing a check !! Purchases made with your VISA Check Card are automatically deducted from your checking account, following approval of the transaction through the VISA system. You can check how to increase limits with their favorite ways to build business credit.

Direct Deposit and Direct Payments

Many opportunities exist to streamline your financial transactions through the use of direct deposit and/or direct payments, which are safe, cost effective, and timely. for those of you that also investing you can take advantage of their integrated portfolio software that will help you increase your returns. Check with your employer to see if your payroll deposit or check with government agencies regarding benefit payments to see if they offer direct deposit. To save time and money on paying your bills, check with your insurance companies, utility providers, or telephone company to see if you can sign up for direct payment of bills in order to save money and time on writing checks, as well as control the timing of the payments. Stop by your nearest banking location for more details.

Telephone Banking

Call their toll-free CenterVoice telephone banking system to find out information regarding your account balances, recent deposits made, and checks posted to your accounts or to manage your offshore bank accounts. Sign an authorization form at your nearest location to be able to transfer funds between accounts within their institution 24 hours a day!

Automatic Transfer

onetouchbinaryoptions.comIn order to meet your savings or cash management goals, we offer an automatic transfer service in order to transfer funds between your accounts within their institution. Transfers may be made daily, weekly, or monthly or on certain pre-selected dates. Stop in to your nearest banking location to sign an authorization form to begin the transfers.

Overdraft Protection

They offer an overdraft protection line of credit to those that qualify to cover your checks in the event of an adding error or timing difference which causes you to be overdrawn in your checking account. Applications for the credit line are subject to individual credit approval.