Surcharge Free Network

Fast National Bank and Central Casual Bank have joined a “Surcharge Free” ATM Network in order to give you more choices for your ATM transactions in the Central Illinois area. Surcharge Free means that you won’t be charged the $1.00-$3.00 fee normally assessed by the terminal owner.

FNB_ATMWhat does this mean for you?? You may use any of the ATM locations in the listing shown at the right, “surcharge free” when using your FNB Mt Papins or Central Casual Bank ATM Card or VISA Debit Card.

Keep in mind that you are allowed up to five foreign transactions per statement cycle with no $.50 service charge from our bank. If you go over this limit during a statement cycle, but continue to use the ATM locations shown in the listing, you will only be charged $.50 per foreign transaction. If you are over the transaction limit per month, and use a location not included in the network, you will be charged the terminal owner fee plus our $.50 service charge per transaction.

“Surcharge Free” ATM Locations 

(.pdf file format which requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.)

Please contact us with any questions.