Other Services Offered at our Banking Locationspersonal-checks3

  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Night Depository
  • Cashier’s Checks, Money Orders, Traveler’s Checks
  • Vehicle License Stickers
  • No Annual Fee VISA Credit Card
  • Personalized Check Orders
  • Merchant Credit Card Processing

Safe Deposit Boxes: Safe deposit boxes are available for rent at both Mt. Pulaski and Springfield locations. Safe deposit boxes offer customers a secure source of storage for items such as important documents, certificates of deposit or other security documents, vehicle titles, or jewelry. Boxes are offered in varying sizes at each location and are limited to the supply available. Stop by or contact your nearest banking location for more details.

Night Depository: A night depository is available for use in each location to drop off loan payments, deposits, etc. after banking hours or on the weekends for your convenience. Deposits and payments made using the night depository service are posted to your accounts on the date they inventoried from the night depository and recorded by our employees.

Cashier’s Checks, Money Orders, Traveler’s Checks: These items are available for sale in each location for use in your personal financial management for a small fee for each item as follows:

Cashiers Checks Up to $100.00 $1.00 per item
  Over $100.00 $3.00 per item
Money Orders Up to $100.00 $1.00 per item
  Over $100.00 $3.00 per item
Traveler’s Checks One Signature $1.00 per $100.00
  Two Signature $1.75 per $100.00

Vehicle License Stickers: Purchase your annual license sticker for your motor vehicles from either location for a fee of $3.00 plus State of Illinois fees.

No Annual Fee VISA Credit Card: Apply for your No Annual Fee Platinum or Classic VISA card through The First National Bank of Mt. Pulaski. (Applications are subject to the credit approval of National City Bank, N.A.). Pick up an application at your nearest banking office for more details and disclosures.

Personalized Check Orders: Visit your nearest banking office to order personalized checks for your First National Bank or Capital Community Bank transaction accounts. Various check styles are available to represent your lifestyle from Deluxe…

Merchant Credit Card Processing: If you are a merchant who needs to offer payment options to your customers with VISA/Mastercard, stop by your nearest banking office to discuss the options. Credit cards payments processed with our bank are automatically deposited into your checking account daily, with weekly or monthly credit card processing statements available. Processing agreements are subject to credit approval and are performed for a monthly fee based on your volume of activity.